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Anne Brummer

Rescues and rehabilitates thousands of animals and birds at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, and founded the Save Me Trust with Dr Brian May.

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Anne first began working with wildlife more than 35 years ago when she tended to an injured hedgehog she found while walking her dog.

When she took it to a vet, they asked her to take it home and look after it.

From that small beginning, she now runs Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre in Surrey, which last year cared for more than 1,600 creatures. It operates across two sites offering long-term and specialist rehabilitation.

Anne manages 27 volunteers who help injured and orphaned wild animals and birds, nurturing them back to health then returning them to the wild.

In 2009 she founded the Save Me Trust with Queen guitarist Dr Brian May, and as CEO has helped make its voice heard at the highest level of government in Britain and abroad.

The trust’s mission statement is to give wild animals a voice and oppose those who persecute and torture them for sport.

Anne leads vocal campaigns on the full spectrum of wildlife issues – from driven grouse shooting and the ivory trade to circus animals, removing orcas and dolphins from captivity and wearing fur.

She is especially passionate about opposing fox hunting and fighting against badger culling, and uses scientific and expert evidence to further her argument. Save Me is working to rejuvenate woodlands and has launched the Amazing Grace campaign, which is trying to save our native hedgehogs.

The organisation is one of the most dynamic wildlife campaign groups in the world. With Dr Brian May, Anne is the driving force at Save Me, often working behind the scenes. She said: “The hierarchy of wildlife in some people’s minds enables them to poison a bug yet preserve a cub. The simple facts are, if we destroy our insects there will be no cubs, or indeed us. We must create a greater understanding of the creatures around us that live with us in a natural balance.”

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