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Scarlett Beagle

Ex-laboratory dog who has PTSD and is the figurehead for the campaign against animal testing, helping to win support for more animal-friendly methods.

gobi1Scarlett Beagle endured a difficult and terrifying start in life, spending two years in a toxicology laboratory in Europe as an experimental subject.

She was released with six other dogs in late 2016 to a US rescue charity, who helped British couple Janie and Phil Green adopt her in January 2017.

Details of what the traumatised dog has been through are strictly confidential – a condition labs impose in order to release rather than euthanise testing animals.

Scarlett has adapted well to her new home, enjoying country walks and acting as bridesmaid at her new owners’ wedding.

She showers Janie and Phil with affection and loves to play with toys and other dogs.

But some of her behaviour is a reminder of her earlier suffering and she lives with PTSD and anxiety. Scarlett is terrified of loud noises, fearful of being covered and has eating issues.

She goes into many situations in a “compliance mode”, an indication of training she had in the laboratory environment.

Despite all of this, Scarlett has become a fine ambassador for the anti-animal testing campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE). She is helping charity patron Peter Egan and supporter Ricky Gervais call for a public scientific debate on claims that testing on animals can predict the responses of human patients.

More than 100 MPs are supporting the debate, along with Chris Packham, Dr Jane Goodall and Paul O’Grady.

Janie said: “A lot of people take an interest in Scarlett on our walks and it gives us an opportunity to talk to people and educate them about the cruel vivisection industry.

“Many people are unaware that animal testing still takes place. She is turning a horrifying past into a positive future for herself and all laboratory animals, to help redirect medical research funding towards modern human-based methods which are relevant to human patients – rather than animals.”

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