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Even in a regiment of brave, highly-trained soldiers, Sam the cocker spaniel stood out for his exceptional skills and fearlessness.

Even the most dedicated animal campaigners might think about slowing down a bit when they get past a certain age.

A disabled schoolgirl has forged a unique and heartwarming bond with a trainee police dog, inspiring everyone who meets them.

Lola Webber has been passionate about animals for as long as she can remember.

It was 24 years ago when Jill Robinson joined the scenic bus tour in southern China that would change her life - and the lives of thousands of suffering bears.

As the daughter of world-renowned falconer Phillip Glasier, Jemima grew up with birds of prey and learned how to handle and communicate with them from an early age.

Army veteran Paul Wilkie thought he had survived the horrors of war until, in 2012, he started getting terrifying flashbacks to things he had experienced on the battlefield more than 20 years earlier.

One of our leading conservationists, Ian has helped make films that have inspired millions and given young people around the world a unique insight into the natural world.

Dion Leonard had just finished the first stage of a gruelling 155-mile seven-day ultra-marathon through the Gobi desert last year when he noticed a scruffy little dog with big round eyes going around the camp begging for food.

Policeman Dave Wardell and his trusty German Shepherd Finn were on a normal shift when they were called to a suspected armed robbery in Stevenage last October.