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Conservationist and campaigner has done so much to improve the lives of wild animals through the Born Free Foundation

The remarkable courage, dedication and selflessness of our emergency services as they battled the Grenfell Tower fire inspired the nation.

Walnut won millions of hearts around the world as the star of an inspirational social media campaign for dogs and their owners to join him on his last-ever walk.

Animal lover Storm could have felt sorry for herself when, aged ten, she began to suffer a number of serious health problems.

Even in a regiment of brave, highly-trained soldiers, Sam the cocker spaniel stood out for his exceptional skills and fearlessness.

Even the most dedicated animal campaigners might think about slowing down a bit when they get past a certain age.

A disabled schoolgirl has forged a unique and heartwarming bond with a trainee police dog, inspiring everyone who meets them.

Lola Webber has been passionate about animals for as long as she can remember.