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Rescued from a cage on a puppy farm, Lucy is now the figurehead of a national campaign against puppy farming.

lucyLisa Garner rescued eight-year-old Cavalier spaniel Lucy from a puppy farm in Wales just over three years ago. She had been used as a breeding dog for her whole life and never been out of a cramped cage.

Her hips were fused and her back feet touched her front feet from being hunched over in such a small space. She was dangerously underweight and suffering from a series of health conditions.

Lisa said: “She was skin and bone. She was absolutely tiny, weighing only eight pounds. Lucy didn't even resemble the breed.  When I first held her, it broke my heart.”

After being nursed back to health, Lucy is now a leading ambassador in the campaign against puppy farming. She was named Britain's Most

Heroic Dog at the National Pet Show in Birmingham and her Facebook page has 60,000 followers.

She is the star of an illustrated children’s book, and has featured in two calendars, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Lisa says: “I think people have fallen in love with her cheeky character and zest for life which she has, even after all she has endured.”