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Putting animal welfare at the heart of its housing developments, with safe spaces for wildlife alongside new homes for people.

barratt homesUrban wildlife is under threat, with 60% of bees, birds, bugs and mammals in decline. Barratt Homes has launched a groundbreaking partnership with the RSPB to reverse the trend, with a new approach at one of the firm’s biggest projects.

The development of 2,450 new homes at at Kingsbrook, Aylesbury Vale, will include orchards, tree lined avenues, fruit trees in gardens, bat, owl and swift nesting boxes and nectar-rich planting for bees.

Other features designed to allow wildlife to thrive include newt ponds and hedgehog highways. Hedgehogs roam up to a mile every night in search of food and a mate, and secure fences and walls between gardens are one of the main reasons the hedgehog population is declining in Britain.

The Barratt scheme will include gaps in fences big enough for a hedgehog, but too small for most pets, allowing hedgehogs to move freely between them.

The development will also include 250 acres of wildlife-rich open space, the size of 100 football pitches, accessible to all residents.

Barratt has pledged to incorporate at least some elements of the Kinsgbrook blueprint into all future developments.