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Inspirational campaigner and rescuer set up the National Fox Welfare Society and has devoted his life to fox welfare.

martin hemmingtonMartin, 51, started a local society in Northamptonshire more than 20 years ago, teaching people about foxes. Word of his expertise spread, and he started getting calls from people around the country who wanted help dealing with injured foxes.

He built a network which became the National Fox Welfare Society. As well as rescuing sick and injured foxes across the UK, the group finds foster families and sanctuary for abandoned and orphaned fox cubs, finds safe release sites for rehabilitated foxes and provides advice and treatment for foxes with sarcoptic mange.

Martin raises money through supporter donations and a membership scheme. He says in one week they can spend up to £1,000 on vet fees and they can send out up to 700 free bottles of mange treatment in one month, all at their own cost.

His aim is to get every fox that is brought into his care back into the wild, but he will always provide sanctuary for those that wouldn’t survive.

He says: “There isn’t always a happy ending, but at least someone tried to help, and that fox was rescued and not left to die at the side of the road.”

Last year he won an award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  Philip Mansbridge, UK director of IFAW, said: “Martin’s dedication to foxes has led to thousands of rescues and he is a great example of how to bring people together and reach out to our British wildlife.”